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Jon-Michael Baribault is an artist living and working in Rhode Island who focuses mainly on painting with acrylics. He has a background in architecture and has recently earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Architectural Engineering from New England Institute of Technology. 


His artistic concept focuses on the relationship between architecture and the subconscious mind. Drawing upon his architectural aesthetic, he superimposes structural framework onto organic matter to create space that can only exist in the dreamlike landscapes of his work. 


The imagery alludes to anatomical elements such as brains, tumors, and flesh while the intrusive presence of the harsh geometry within these “brainscapes” represents how humans live in a world created by fellow humans. His use of vibrant color adds a layer of whimsical surrealism illustrating the illusory experience of this subconscious phenomenon. 

His work seeks to illustrate the modern “indoor” lifestyle and its perpetuation of humanity’s disproportionate integration into the artificial environment. This ever-present exposure to the manmade world is undeniably rooted within our mind, manifesting itself in our memories as well as our dreams

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